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Where to pass the best parties in the world

You wish to spend unforgettable holidays and you are quite Raver kind party ? Then do not do things by halves and choose you an exceptional destination. The examples do not miss. Quick tour.

New York
Where to pass the best parties in the world
Times Square, New York
The " big apple " or the city which never sleeps, New York is the archetypal festive city. Always livened up, his city center proposes all that there is of better to buy itself of good time 24 hours a day. By leaving from Times Square to the Hudson Bay, there is for absolutely all the tastes and all the humors. Ballads in feet are particularly nice to discover the city and meet of the world. But it is also possible to make from a place to the other one in one of the very affordable taxis of the city. And to finish your American-style holidays, there's nothing like the island of Manhattan and rush into Chelsea or still Soho to offer itself a new youth.

Where to pass the best parties in the world
tokyo shibuya
One of the cities the most populated in the world with New York, Tokyo proposes an unusual experience, which has to envy nothing in the western evenings. Whether it is in the district of Shibuya or that of Roppongi, the trendy places and other nightclubs are with a shovel. To enter it will be much easier than in Europe. If we are well-dressed, we are less hand-picked, establishments there being conceived to shelter most possible world. Furthermore, subways turn most regularly possible, of which remain serene as for return home. In the passage, if a night-raging hunger arises, the best Japanese culinary specialities will be at arrangement in workshops which close almost never their doors.

Where to pass the best parties in the world
When we speak of partying, we can only think of Ibiza, so much his reputation is unchanging. On the island of the Balearic Islands, everything is chapoté at best to pass the best dances which are. At the water's edge as in the hotel, the summer it is non-stop! Between two parades of swimsuits, it will not be surprising to meet the DJ most trends of moment. The dream holidays have however a price and it will be necessary to elbow through to find itself in the good plans.
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Paris and its inescapable

Paris was not built in a day. If you have not much time to discover the French capital, so much get to the point straight ahead.

Its museums

Paris is a city of a big cultural wealth. it shelters the most famous museums of France. The former residence of kings, the Louvre is one of the biggest museums of the world today and possess works such as Milo's Venus or Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Not far from there is situated the museum Orsay, a magnificent monument which contains masterpieces of the impressionism. At the heart of the Latin Quarter, the museum of the Middle Ages is a small jewel for the amateurs of the medieval era: paint, stained-glass windows, illumination, tapestry or still movable are exposed within the museum. Finally, return in the present with the Georges Pompidou Center, the museum of the modern and contemporary arts. It welcomed numerous exhibitions of artists renamed as Roy Lichtenstein.
Paris and its inescapable
louvre museum
Paris and its inescapable
museum of the Middle Ages
Its monuments

We begin with a great classic: the Eiffel Tower. 324 meters in height and hundreds of million visitors since its creation, the monument is recognized as one of the biggest French symbols. The Garnier Opera is an extremely beautiful building which presents several styles of architecture, in particular the baroque. Near of the religious buildings, we have Notre-Dame of Paris and the Saint-chapel, two Gothic masterpieces. As for the Pantheon, it is about the famous monument where are interred the great men of the French History.
Paris and its inescapable
Eiffel Tower
Notre-Dame, Paris
Its districts

Among districts filled with charm, we can quote the island of the City and the island Saint-Louis, both placed on the edges of the Seine towards Notre-Dame of Paris. To see closer of the artists, we favor Montmartre, to plunge into the intellectual excitement of the capital, we go to the Latin Quarter, and to make a historic route between mansions, we opt for the Swamp. Other place of interest, Montparnasse, from now on business district, always cultivates a certain nostalgia to its hectic artistic period.
Paris and its inescapable
Island Saint Louis
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Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination

You dream about a confusing travel, about big spaces and about new colours?

Do not look any more: Argentina waits for you. Big as 4 times France, Argentina is a vast country which contains many natural magnificences. She contains several major summits of the Andes, of which Aconcagua which peaks in 6959 m. The geography of the country gives her a variety of landscapes particularly rich and regions of a rare beauty. The geology is also a considerable aspect in Argentina, with several sites in the surprising rocky formings: canyons, gorges and deserts. Leave to the discovery of these surprising places, take with you an immortal recollection.
Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination
Argentina flag
Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination
Once arrived at Buenos Aires, you will feel immediately comfortable in the dynamic and creative atmosphere which reigns in the Argentine capital. Walls are painted by all the conceivable colors and the numerous museums contain a wealth of oeuvres of art impressive. Cultural capital, Buenos Aires is the lung of the country regarding tango but also regarding national sport, that it is about the soccer or about the polo. One thing's for sure, it is the city which never sleeps and which does not miss to conquer the traveler curious about his passionate rhythm.
Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination
Buenos Aires
Very fast, the call of the big spaces is smelt in you. It is necessary to leave the porteña capital to go to the south of the country, with a first stopover to Mendoza. City of the Argentine wine and its numerous star vines, it is the central point towards which the wine trail leads. The amateurs will taste with pleasure a famous Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet-Sauvignon or Torrontés in the sun of Cuyo, in the feet from the Andes. Magnificent bodegas welcome you for this moment of relaxation, between pleasure of the wine and serenity of the idyllic decoration of the neighborhood of Mendoza.
Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination
Mendoza city
You take back your road to come down towards Bariloche, his snowy mountains and his region of lakes. Rest you in a chalet before going off to explore this part of the country, very different that the one that you have just left. Very close to the magnificent Road of Seven Lakes between San Martín of los the Andes and Villa Angostura, you will have access to unforgettable hikes in the middle of magnificent landscapes. Visit the natural reserve Nahuel Huapi for a dumping in the middle of nowhere more beautiful still, and discover in the fauna, the flora and especially the staggering peace. Breathe, you belong to Bariloche, at the heart of the serene nature of Argentina.
Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination
Bariloche city
On the East coast of the same region of the Patagonia of the North, you will find the Peninsula of Valdés. Incredible place of life and reproduction of numerous fascinating marine sorts, to visit the peninsula of Valdés is a unique experience. You will see indeed southern white whales, sea lions, auks and even killer whales there. The natural reserve of the region is a precious wealth and offer the opportunity to approach these animals without disturbing them in their natural housing environment.
Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination
Peninsula of Valdés
Argentina contains of the North in the South a crowd of mythical places and magnificent landscapes to be seen. It is about a travel for the passionate persons of big spaces and about feelings, for the nature lovers. Do not miss the occasion to realize this dream!

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10 good reasons for traveling to Mexico

You hesitate to go on a trip in Mexico? Here are 10 good reasons for going to Mexico.
10 good reasons for travling to Mexico
Mexico flag
Diversity of the landscapes

Mexico possesses an impressive variety of landscape. Between mountains covered with tropical vegetation in Chiapas, canyons, sometimes dried up, sometimes green, with the Barranca del Cobre and the highlands of the central tray where are situated Guadalajara and Mexico City, he has enough to make there.
10 good reasons for travling to Mexico
Concerning beach, you are also served, whether it is the beaches of Yucatán, Lower California, region of Oaxaca or Jalisco. Mexico abounds in paradisiac beaches from north to south!
10 good reasons for travling to Mexico
beaches of Yucatán
The gastronomy

Other point, and not the slightest: the gastronomy!
Much more varied and fine than we could not believe it, Mexico abounds in combining dishes swung, meats of all kinds, cheese and delicious sauces. He has enough to feast there, between tacos, quesadillas, tortas, chile relleno, agua frescas, mole of all kinds, … Without forgetting the téquila! But say rather " el tequila " if you want to make Mexican.

The history and the archeological places

The past of Mexico is present everywhere. He feels the effects in the colonial architecture of certain buildings, as the churches, the visit of which is almost grateful about is the city crossed so much they are worth seeing. More the immense archeological sites (Chichen Itza, Palenque, Teotihuacan), life-size witnesses of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations, do not ask for big efforts of imagination to plunge into rich Mexican past.

The climate

Desert, tropical or moderate, made your choice, we find all these climates in Mexico. On the central tray, in Guadalajara, for example, the climate is moderated and it is blue sky and 25-30 degrees practically all year long.

The rhythm of life

It is certainly one of main advantages of Mexico: his tranquillity and its joy of living. No, it is not a picture, the Mexicans really like partying in the evening and to take it easy the day. In every case, they take advantage of the present moment.

Welcoming and tolerant people

This welcome, almost always warm on behalf of Mexicans returns Mexico a destination easy to make. Polished and more than welcoming, the Mexicans are also extremely tolerant. We could believe the preservative country because keen on Catholicism but it is nothing. Certain racism is sometimes present on the other hand to the native community, often seen as synonym for poverty and for educational lack.

The cost of living

The life in Mexico is two three times less expensive than in France when we have a French salary. Thus, set apart the plane ticket, Mexico is relatively cheap. It's a different story for the great majority of the Mexicans, for whom the life costs relatively much more expensive than that in France.


The Mexican culture is rich in values and loaded in history. Mayas, Aztecs and colonists in any kinds gave to the country a singular culture. Concerning religion, the colonization gave rise to syncretism, mixtures of catholic religion and native culture. Besides, if the Spanish language dominates, we find all the same a big variety of native languages. Without counting Spanglish, very developed in Spanish spoken to Mexico.

Easy and not too expensive transport 

Transport in Mexico are organized well. On the scale of the country, the companies of buses more than comfortable and in the affordable price lists cross the country. Attention on the routes of more than 20 hours on the other hand! In cities, we find taxis cheap as well as subways and drank in the big urban areas.

In brief, there is for all the tastes. Of what to satisfy small and big, tourist idleness, party animals or sportsmen. Then, viva México and hasta luego!
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Visit New York, the city which never sleeps

The city which never sleeps a nickname deserved well for New York, one most big cities of the world, which welcomes every year of the millions of tourists come take a New York slice of life.
New York, the city which never sleeps
New York city
During your travel in New York, you will be probably lost in the middle of thousand one things to be seen. Every street, every district has a different soul, a different population, and it is this diversity which makes the charm of the city. Manhattan, the main island of New York, consists of about ten districts, among which Downtown Manhattan the district of Wall Street, Soho the trendy district, Upper East Side the bourgeois district, Harlem the black district, etc.

The classics …

When you think in New York, you think certainly of the symbols of the city, without which a stay in Manhattan could not be complete. Among these symbols, there is well on the famous Empire State Building, the immense magnificent high rise at the top of which you can rise and take advantage of a fantastic view over New York, the Statue of Liberty which you will reach by taking a ferry in the South of Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge which it is absolutely necessary to cross, but also Time Square and Broadway (the district of theaters) where it is necessary for everything begun to go to see a musical.

A little of culture …

All these magic places will fill you with unforgettable memories of New York. But the city also possesses one of the cultural luggage the most enriched to the world! She possesses some of the biggest museums of the planet, among which the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) and the Metropolitan Museum (Met), two immense museums of art of different styles, Museum of Natural History where you can see the famous skeletons of dinosaurs …

A budget …

Although New York is a very expensive city, it is today possible to visit it with a reasonable budget. Certain good plans allow to reach the attractions of the city at a lower cost (for example New York CityPass). As regards the accommodation, the hotels of Manhattan are very expensive, and it is often necessary to content itself with accommodating outside the island (for example in Brooklyn or in Queens), or still of youth hostels for unbeatable prices.

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The advantages to travel in coaches for your excursions

There is numerous advantages to travel in coaches which we are going to detail below.

If you like the tourist excursions, you doubtless already made it in coaches. It is possible that you already made it by car. But it is friendlier by bus and you can more easily admire the landscape.
The advantages to travel in coaches for your excursions
An ecological excursion!

The excursions in coaches are first of all ecological. You will emit 4 times fewer CO2 than if you used an individual car. So, more and more buses are propelled from now on by an electric engine, still reducing of advantage the ecological footprint of their passengers.

Economic travels

He is often said, in twists, that it is more advantageous financially to move with its car. The reality is that he is much more economic to move in coaches. It is often the case for long routes even in front of the competition of planes and train. And if ever you travel in night coaches, it will avoid you taking a hotel room.
The advantages to travel in coaches for your excursions
Secure travels

Coaches are more secured than the individual cars. First of all, the drivers are professionals of the road, who know their vehicles as well as their routes. Then, coaches are more regularly controlled than the cars of the private individuals. The carriers also have to have an ornamentation from the state.

An adapted and accessible transport

Coaches are all adapted to the coverage of disabled people or with reduced mobility. Some people allow you even to tilt your seat and to sleep during the route, the thing which you would not have been able to make in your car. Finally, the control in the passage of the borders is made generally more quickly by bus than by plane.
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Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored

Nicknamed by the Moroccan Ochre city, Marrakesh is the tourist capital of the country, one of the imperial cities and the most beautiful Moroccan destination.

With its charm, its beauty and its wonderful climate, the city managed to seduce a good many of visitors and of tourists of various corners of the world.

The city of Marrakesh, situated there due south by Morocco, welcomes every year of the tourists and the visitors coming to take advantage of a stay and holidays in one of its Hotels or in one of its Riads of charm nested in full Medina.

Marrakesh suggests to his visitors an optimal comfort during a stay of dreams and of unforgettable moments living in family, with the beloved one or between friends.

This effervescent destination is very known for the charm of its Jamaa El Fna's famous place. This place classified recently in the world heritage by Unesco, represent one of the most magic places to the world.
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored
Jamaa El Fna
With his irresistible animation and his inescapable atmosphere, Jamaa El Fna attracts every year an unlimited number of visitors in a magnificent frame not to be missed. Jamaa El Fna proposes to his visitors of the diverse animations: as snake charmers, acrobats, street artists and comedians. The place also offers the possibility of benefiting from an on-the-spot restoration, and of taking advantage of a shopping in one of its traditional souks proposing articles and products of Moroccan crafts, signed Marrakesh, in affordable and still negotiable prices.
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored
traditional souk
By visiting Marrakesh, it turns out to be necessary to visit certain important places to make a success his holidays and have an idea on the history of the city and its architecture as well as his culture. Being one of the imperial cities, the city has a selection of historic, free of charge accessible monuments, worth knowing, Menara, Koba Morabitia, the El Badii palace, the Mosque Koutoubia and Graves Saadiens. These places, make of Marrakesh a city of heritage and cultural wealth.
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored
El Badii palace
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored
Graves Saadiens
It is also necessary to take advantage of an excursion in a group towards the Valley of Ourika, representative one of the most beautiful landscapes nested at a short distance of the city of Marrakesh, and allowing to enjoy special day in border of a unique and very quiet valley.
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored

The Mountain of Oukaimden is the second place to be visited to benefit from special day by practising sliding sports such as the ski and the skating or simply to make a small tour in cable railway to admire the beauty of this place.
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored
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Travel to India

Travel to India: fabulous treasure of the South of Asia
Travel to India
India flag
You dream to leave in a last great travel, you need to get a breath of fresh air and to go far to a different place to escape you, change destination for once and offer you a journey of nonconformist! A travel to India and More than a simple experience, find all the charm of an attractive, mysterious country with a territory so much varied and multicolored.

Immediately arrived in India, certain travelers think only of getting back to the plane. Others persist, acclimatize with difficulty, but wish to find the Indian ground from their comeback, There are also the ardent supporters, those who keep a permanent nostalgia far from the Indian territory so much the country pleased them.
Travel to India
For the enthusiasts of the big Indian territory either the fanatics of Buddhism, orientation Indian Himalaya in the North of the country, there or you can Enjoy a circuit discovery in the trek in high mountain, this Indian region proposes to the travelers an absolutely fantastic and majestic frame full of authentic meetings which will mark for ever their spirits. For your travel to India, three months of the summer are ideal to explore Ladakh, the other Himalayan regions are convenient from March until November.
Travel to India
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