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Today we are going to speak accommodation. Indeed when we travel, it is necessary to find accommodation and the accommodation is very often the source of spending number 1. We are going to approach various ways to find accommodation and we shall see that it is not necessarily very expensive.

The hotel
The hotel is the accommodation number 1 in travel in particular in big cities during city trip. Wide-spread, for all the prices, of the luxury hotel in several hundred euros at night in the more affordable hotel in some tens of euros, this type of accommodation will allow you to travel practice. Often placed in places strategic as city centers, the hotel is one of the housing ideal during city trip.

The youth hostel
The youth hostel
The youth hostel
As his its name indicates it, the youth hostel attracts essentially a public young person. This housing, economic, indeed suits to the young people who find there a way to find accommodation economic, friendly and often ideally placed in city centers.

The rent

The rent is a good alternative in the hotel. Indeed this type(chap) of accommodation(housing) is similar on some points. You possess your "home", with so much freedom as the hotel. You will find rents almost everywhere, cities, campaigns(countrysides), mountains etc. The prices(prizes) can well évidement vary from one extreme to the other. The difference, the advantage for some, inconvenience for others, is that it is possible to you to cook yourself, contrary to the hotel or you will be forced to eat outside.

The couchsurfing

The couchsurfing, new trendy, very fashionable at the moment. Indeed this type of accommodation is based on the mutual aid and the solidarity. The principle is simple, you live, free of charge, at the inhabitant's. It lends you of what to sleep and accommodates you during a few days. Even if the big advantage is, naturally, the price, seen that you will not pay the person to whom you accommodate, it is not the only one, the meeting with the inhabitants is the truth more. Get acquainted, share experiences or make you discover the region are assets in not to neglect not especially. Concerning inconvenience, you are not at your home, rules are well évidement to respect.

The camping
Other way to find accommodation in journey, the camping.Is a way to find accommodation which does not go out of fashion. Obviously to go to the camping implies many things. First of all it does not apply during a city trip. Ideal accommodation in family, between friends, camping are especially spread by the sea. The advantage is, naturally, the price, very economic, friendly, but even if caravans and other mobile homes in which you can live are more and more luxurious, the comfort remains the black dot of the camping.

Selection criteria

The choice of your accommodation does not have to be made at random. It will be chosen according to several criteria. The price, the place and also your guides, friends, family or the only one.


The price will be certainly the criterion number 1 to choose your accommodation. Indeed a camping will be good obviously cheaper than a luxurious hotel in the city center that a big city of Europe. However, in the case of a city trip, the number of people to live is a criterion not to be neglected. So if you travel in family or with friends the apartment hotel will be certainly the best solution. Even if the rent in her even will not cost you necessarily cheaper, makes it be able to cook you even will be a real economy.
If you are thirsty of meetings and a budget reduces, the couchsurfing will be the ideal accommodation for you.


The place will be, for me, the second criterion. During holidays on the coast, the need for a luxury hotel will less be felt, favor the camping. Concerning your city trips, attention not to neglect the distance of the city center. Hotels placed a little outside of the city will cost you much cheaper but you will have to take the public transportation and they will not facilitate you the spot if you like going out in the evening.

Small advice

Do not hesitate to reserve your housing in advance to be sure to make the best fuss possible.
When you prepare a travel, use various applications on your mobile, as price comparators which shall find for you the best prices.
When you return, do not either hesitate to estimate and to comment on your accommodation, whether it is a camping, a hotel or couchsurfing to help the other travelers to find the best accommodate.

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