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Where to pass the best parties in the world

You wish to spend unforgettable holidays and you are quite Raver kind party ? Then do not do things by halves and choose you an exceptional destination. The examples do not miss. Quick tour.

New York
Where to pass the best parties in the world
Times Square, New York
The " big apple " or the city which never sleeps, New York is the archetypal festive city. Always livened up, his city center proposes all that there is of better to buy itself of good time 24 hours a day. By leaving from Times Square to the Hudson Bay, there is for absolutely all the tastes and all the humors. Ballads in feet are particularly nice to discover the city and meet of the world. But it is also possible to make from a place to the other one in one of the very affordable taxis of the city. And to finish your American-style holidays, there's nothing like the island of Manhattan and rush into Chelsea or still Soho to offer itself a new youth.

Where to pass the best parties in the world
tokyo shibuya
One of the cities the most populated in the world with New York, Tokyo proposes an unusual experience, which has to envy nothing in the western evenings. Whether it is in the district of Shibuya or that of Roppongi, the trendy places and other nightclubs are with a shovel. To enter it will be much easier than in Europe. If we are well-dressed, we are less hand-picked, establishments there being conceived to shelter most possible world. Furthermore, subways turn most regularly possible, of which remain serene as for return home. In the passage, if a night-raging hunger arises, the best Japanese culinary specialities will be at arrangement in workshops which close almost never their doors.

Where to pass the best parties in the world
When we speak of partying, we can only think of Ibiza, so much his reputation is unchanging. On the island of the Balearic Islands, everything is chapoté at best to pass the best dances which are. At the water's edge as in the hotel, the summer it is non-stop! Between two parades of swimsuits, it will not be surprising to meet the DJ most trends of moment. The dream holidays have however a price and it will be necessary to elbow through to find itself in the good plans.
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Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014

New year and new travels. As every year, the famous lonely planet travel guide establishes a list of 10 fashionable countries. I thus decided to present you this top 10 of the fashionable countries in 2014.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
1. Brazil
Number 1 of this classification, Brazil. The world cup in 2014 and the olympics in 2016 to push the country in a new area. Its new installations, its hotel complexes, its paradisiac beaches but also his Amazonian forest attract more and more tourists. You will thus be many to plan a stay in Brazil in 2014.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
2. Antarctica
The second fashionable destination in 2014, a little more surprising, Antarctica. Indeed Antarctica will be one of the destinations lighthouse of 2014. This region of the world attracts travelers in search of disorientation and of nature. More and more cruises suggest you traveling this region of the globe.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
3. Scotland 
The Scotland is a country about which we speak enough little. Knew for famous sound lock ness, his Whisky or its castles, the Scotland is not a tourist country. However it attracts all the same more and more tourist and 20 éme edition of Games of the Commonwealth could well make continue this craze for this country.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
4. Sweden
With about 5 million tourists every year, Sweden is also a fashionable country these last years in particular thanks to a movie, or rather three, the trilogy "Millennium". Indeed tour operators record an outbreak of the demands towards this country. Let us not forget that this year, Umea, will be the capital European of the culture.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
5. Malawi
Malawi offers itself the surprising fifth place. This country of Africa, situated between Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania sees her tourism in clear increase thanks to the vast program of reinstatement of wild animals in the country. Indeed this program in allowed the country to see coming back from animals which had disappeared there. Shall have understood it to you, it is thus the craze for the safaris that boost the tourism of this country. However this tourism is checked, just like the number of 4×4 to follow the paths of safari.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
6. Mexico
Mexico will be, once again, a country fashionable as for several years. This country is, indeed, 10th the most tourist country of the world, with about 23 million tourists. Although the bad ad this country of which was a victim, in particular due to drug cartels, this country abounds in magnificent places to visit as its temples Mayas or Aztecs or still its dream beaches.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
7. Seychelles
Seychelles, everybody dreams about it, his lagoons, his turquoise blue water and its white sand beaches makes move the tourists of the whole world. Seychelles are not any more these islands reserved for the rich tourists living in big villas. A little more cheap hotels settled down and return from now on these islands accessible to tourists' largest number.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
8. Belgium
Surprising 8th place which propose us lonely planet. Not really, Belgium is a country with a lot of charm. Some of his cities have an international reputation, as Bruges, Brussels, Mons, Antwerp or still Ghent and Turned. Belgium is an already tourist country but contrary to most part of countries the tourism in Belgium is made on a day, or a weekend, rarely more. Besides its Flemish cities, Belgium is also considered as its atypical gastronomy and, of course, its known beers all over the world.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
9.  Macedonia
9th place, we find the Macedonia. This country is badly known of many people, nevertheless its capital, Skopje, has just been completely renovated. His numerous statues and places offer an incomparable charm to the city. Besides Skopje, you can discover it the antique city of Stobi, the lake of Ohrid or still the domain of ski of Mavrovo.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
10. Malaysia
Malaysia is one of the countries having most the wind in stern in the world tourism. About 28 million tourists for this country which is classified in the 9th place the most tourist countries of the world. His 200 events, in all the domains, offer a non-unimportant dynamics to the country. Besides its dream beaches, his capital Kuala Lumpur also attracts numerous tourists.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
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Where to accommodate

Today we are going to speak accommodation. Indeed when we travel, it is necessary to find accommodation and the accommodation is very often the source of spending number 1. We are going to approach various ways to find accommodation and we shall see that it is not necessarily very expensive.

The hotel
The hotel is the accommodation number 1 in travel in particular in big cities during city trip. Wide-spread, for all the prices, of the luxury hotel in several hundred euros at night in the more affordable hotel in some tens of euros, this type of accommodation will allow you to travel practice. Often placed in places strategic as city centers, the hotel is one of the housing ideal during city trip.

The youth hostel
The youth hostel
The youth hostel
As his its name indicates it, the youth hostel attracts essentially a public young person. This housing, economic, indeed suits to the young people who find there a way to find accommodation economic, friendly and often ideally placed in city centers.

The rent

The rent is a good alternative in the hotel. Indeed this type(chap) of accommodation(housing) is similar on some points. You possess your "home", with so much freedom as the hotel. You will find rents almost everywhere, cities, campaigns(countrysides), mountains etc. The prices(prizes) can well évidement vary from one extreme to the other. The difference, the advantage for some, inconvenience for others, is that it is possible to you to cook yourself, contrary to the hotel or you will be forced to eat outside.

The couchsurfing

The couchsurfing, new trendy, very fashionable at the moment. Indeed this type of accommodation is based on the mutual aid and the solidarity. The principle is simple, you live, free of charge, at the inhabitant's. It lends you of what to sleep and accommodates you during a few days. Even if the big advantage is, naturally, the price, seen that you will not pay the person to whom you accommodate, it is not the only one, the meeting with the inhabitants is the truth more. Get acquainted, share experiences or make you discover the region are assets in not to neglect not especially. Concerning inconvenience, you are not at your home, rules are well évidement to respect.

The camping
Other way to find accommodation in journey, the camping.Is a way to find accommodation which does not go out of fashion. Obviously to go to the camping implies many things. First of all it does not apply during a city trip. Ideal accommodation in family, between friends, camping are especially spread by the sea. The advantage is, naturally, the price, very economic, friendly, but even if caravans and other mobile homes in which you can live are more and more luxurious, the comfort remains the black dot of the camping.

Selection criteria

The choice of your accommodation does not have to be made at random. It will be chosen according to several criteria. The price, the place and also your guides, friends, family or the only one.


The price will be certainly the criterion number 1 to choose your accommodation. Indeed a camping will be good obviously cheaper than a luxurious hotel in the city center that a big city of Europe. However, in the case of a city trip, the number of people to live is a criterion not to be neglected. So if you travel in family or with friends the apartment hotel will be certainly the best solution. Even if the rent in her even will not cost you necessarily cheaper, makes it be able to cook you even will be a real economy.
If you are thirsty of meetings and a budget reduces, the couchsurfing will be the ideal accommodation for you.


The place will be, for me, the second criterion. During holidays on the coast, the need for a luxury hotel will less be felt, favor the camping. Concerning your city trips, attention not to neglect the distance of the city center. Hotels placed a little outside of the city will cost you much cheaper but you will have to take the public transportation and they will not facilitate you the spot if you like going out in the evening.

Small advice

Do not hesitate to reserve your housing in advance to be sure to make the best fuss possible.
When you prepare a travel, use various applications on your mobile, as price comparators which shall find for you the best prices.
When you return, do not either hesitate to estimate and to comment on your accommodation, whether it is a camping, a hotel or couchsurfing to help the other travelers to find the best accommodate.
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most useful languages to travel

Today small article on the languages in journeys. We go to see what are the most useful languages when we travel.

Let us begin by seeing the languages the most spoken in the world according to the number of person speaking this language.

          1 - Chinese
          2 - English
          3 - Spanish
          4 - Hindi
          5 - French
          6 - Russian
          7 - Malay-Indonesian
          8 - Arab
          9 - Portuguese
        10 - Bengalese

No surprise to find some of the languages in this classification. The Chinese, English or the same Spanish are not really surprising.

Let us see now the languages the most spoken according to the number of countries in which they are spoken.

1 - English, spoken in 53 countries
2 - French, spoken in 38 countries
3 - Arab, spoken in 26 countries
4 - Spanish, spoken in 21 countries
5 - Portuguese, spoken about 10 countries

This classification does not have to see any more really much with our first classification. Indeed the Chinese does not appear any more in this top 5, just like the Hindi.
Then what are the languages really the most useful in journeys?
The fact that languages as the Arab or the French are spoken in countries enough little populated, the Middle East for the Arab and mainly Africa for the French do not make these languages the most useful languages in journey.

English is, unquestionably, the most useful language in journey, followed by the Spanish, the Portuguese, both of the spoken languages in many countries, in particular in South America or find very populated countries. The French remains good sure one of the most useful languages, not by the number of countries which speaks it, country enough little visited. But mainly thanks to France, the most tourist country of the world.

Here is thus the classification of the most useful languages in journey.

1 - English
2 - Spanish 
3 - Portugues
4 - French 
5 - Arab

It exists different ways to learn a language, very sure, to travel is a very good solution, but there are also agencies who will allow you to learn languages by organizing language study holidays at any ages.
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Top 10 the most visited monuments in the world

Dear travelers, you who like traveling the world, discovering new places, new cities, I am going to present you here the top 10 the most visited monuments to the world. Almost major destinations of the big travelers, here is monuments, built by the man, where you went or those where you will go very certainly in your life.

1 - Time Square, New York

With about 35 million visitors, Time Square is the monument the most visited by the world. The place which never sleeps thus picks up the palm of monuments the most visited to the world.
Time Square, New York
2 - Memorial Parks, Washington

After New York, it is Washington which picks up the second place. And yes, still the United States. Memorial Parks is an immense park in the city center, in front of the white house. It places gathers 25 million tourists every year.
Memorial Parks, Washington
3 - Trafalgar Square, London

It is the most famous place of Westminster in London which completes the podium. With 15 million tourists a year, Trafalgar Square is the 3rd most visited monument to the world.

Trafalgar Square, Londres

4 - Notre-Dame, Paris

In spite of its title of country the most visited to the world, France arrives only 4th in the most visited monuments to the world. Notre-Dame de Paris gathersabout 12 million visitors a year.

Notre-Dame, Paris

5 - Wall of China, China

It is obvious that the country the most populated to the world places its monument idol in the top 10 the most visited monuments. The wall of china gathers 10 million curious onlookers a year.
Wall of China, China
6 - Sacré cœur, Paris

The second French monument of this top 10. The Sacred Heart, with his 8 million visitors every year.
Sacré cœur, Paris
7 - Louvre Museum, Paris

And three! The third French monument of this top 10. Again, in Paris. Logic when we know that France and the most tourist country to the world. With 7,5 million visitors, the Museum of Louvre is classified seventh of this classification.
Louvre Museum, Paris
8 - Forbidden City, Beijing

The second Chinese monument of the classification. The Forbidden City of Beijing gathers, every year, 7 million tourists.
The Forbidden City, Beijing
9 - Eiffel Tower, Paris

Ninth of this classification, the Eiffel Tower. The Parisian famous tower builds in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel count 6,9 million tourists every year. The tower peaks which peaks in 324 m was the highest tower of the world for 41 years!
Eiffel Tower
10 - Pompidou Center, Paris

Pompidou center or national Center of art and culture Georges-Pompidou, closes our classification of the most visited monuments to the world. Opened since 1977 the center adds up 5,1 million entrances a year.
Pompidou Center

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Search for the sun in winter

The winter comes and with him, the rain, the snow, the cold. In brief, nothing very attractive. Many of you dream to leave to the sun during this period, and well why not? Let us leave in search of the sun in winter.

The sun the winter yes, but where?

The question of the destination often settles when we are in search of sun. But leave to the sun the winter does not necessarily mean travelling halfway around the world. I am going to present you, in this article, the various possible destinations when we look for the sun in winter.

Not far, cheap

First type of destinations, the South of Spain, Portugal and country of the Maghreb. These destinations, not far from at our home, have many advantages. First of all, these destinations are very often in very affordable price. For example, we can find flights Paris - Agadir, in Morocco, for 60 euros by people. Djerba, Agadir, Ibiza, the Canary Islands are destinations or you can find of the sun during winter months. Certainly you will have no heat wave, but you can easily find there rather pleasant temperatures, about twenty degrees and especially more vast sunshine durations. As comparison, January account 59 sunshine hours in Lille in France against 169 to Ibiza in Spain.

Farther, more expensively

The second type of destinations will correspond to those who look for the "truth" sun, the heat of the summer. For it it will be necessary to aim farther and unfortunately, more expensive. In these places we can find there islands as Martinique, Guadeloupe in the Caribbean Sea or then Mauritius Island, Reunion, Seychelles, for the Indian Ocean. Price lists will be, naturally, not the same, but the temperatures either. For example we can speak 24,5 degrees of average for January in Martinique.

The beach, the tricks

Small advice to take advantage at the most of your days "beach".
First of all, element essential to bring for your escapades on the beach, the sun cream. In spite of it numerous benefactions it is necessary to be wary of the sun. Do not expose itself between 12 and 2 pm and protect itself regularly with the sun cream.
Forget of what to lengthen or to dry itself after a bathing. Beach towels XXL are fashionable, and very practical because they can be divided in several and transport themselves easily.
Also think of beach games. That is rackets of beaches, balls, inflatable mattresses or games for children, these objects are often very useful to cut your afternoons of sunbathing, and make spend the time to the people who do not so much adore as cracking you in the sun.
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History of Tourism

1830 : First regular railroad line
The railroad line connecting Liverpool in Manchester is opened thanks to the work of Georges Stephenson. This English engineer so succeeds in running the rocket, the first locomotive to transport quickly as well some coal as travelers. It is the starting point of the development of railroads for passengers and, at the same time, the tourism there.

1839 : Birth of travel guides Baedeker
German Karl Baedeker publishes a travel guide on the Rhine. His first works are a copy, translated into German, Murray's English guides but quickly take away a striking success. Handling countries of Europe and the United States, they will appear in French, then in English, from 1861. The quality of the supplied information, regularly updated, will be worth to them a world fame. German and British Air Forces will use them moreover during the Second World War.

1841 : Cook create the first travel agency
Thomas Cook is the initiator of the first journey of organized group. He so accompanies more than 500 people of Leicester to Loughborough. The purpose of the approach is to fight against the alcoholism. After the excursion, Cook will decide to base a travel agency which will bear its name. He will organize afterward numerous stays in Europe, will finalize the first organised trips and will invent the traveler's check. His son will take the succession of the agency in 1872 and will pursue his work.

1860 : Creation of the station of Deauville
Démi-frère of Napoleon III, the duke of Morny bases the sea resort of Deauville. He fell under the spell of Trouville-sur-Mer and of his neighborhood during a stay, two years earlier. Accompanied by doctor Olliffe, architect Breney and banker Donon, he meets no difficulty to begin the works. This is the way until 1864, the city will take shape, adorned with villas and with a racecourse. Harmed by a railroad, it will attract the nobility and all the celebrities, so developing the summer tourism.

1875 : Creation of the first French tourist office
The " Committee of the Walks " is born to Gérardmer, in Vosges and establishes the first tourist office of France. For years, the city welcomes a crowd of summer visitors. Hotels and leisure activities developed at a brisk pace, leading to the creation of the service(office). The latter aimed at increasing still tourists flow and at organizing at best their stay. Paths will thus be drawn at the heart of the nature and around lakes from Vosge.

1900 : Publication of the first guide Michelin
Michelin is equipped with an innovative promotional tool: a guide of restaurants and useful addresses for the motorists. The red guide was born. André Michelin asserts then: " this guide is born with century, he will last as much as him ", and it is indeed as well that this guide published first year to 35 000 copies is gradually made a fame. Free during 20 years, he will see in 1926 appearing " the Star of good table ". Establishing a strong experience in guides (yellow and green), Michelin raises its book among best-sellers for a long time. Hundred years later, he sells 800 000 copy of his guide in the year.

1919 : Inauguration of the commercial flight between Paris and London 
The first regular international commercial flight was born. Connecting Paris in London, he can transport up to ten passengers. It is the Farman Goliath who assures this first connection. The commercial flights will multiply afterward, favoring the international tourism.

1924 : First putting into service of a highway 
The Italian Puricelli, the founder of the company Strade e cellar, built the first real highway of the planet. It connects Milan in Varese in Italy, that is 85 kilometers. All other constructions of roads in two roads had stayed until then in the state of prototype, in particular in Germany and in the United States. According to the Italian example, Hitler will ask his government to make build highways in all Germany. At the end of the war, in 1945, the country will be endowed with about 3 800 kilometers of highways.

1950 : Birth of the first Club Méditerranée 
Gilbert Trigano and Gérard Blitz bases the Club Méditerranée by opening the first site in Palma de Majorca, in the Balearic Islands. This association aims at offering to the different tourists leisure activities within a vacation village. The spirit of membership in the same group is deeply developed within clubs. The terms of " Kind Members " and " Kind Organizers " will be used to indicate the actors of the Club. Every customer will have to pay a contribution and can pay his diverse consumptions with colored balls. The association will know a period of crisis in the 1990s. In the term of a succession of repurchases, it will eventually set up new strategies.

1976 : Birth of Smart Bison 
The Ministry of Transport gives birth to the small Indian asked to improve the road traffic during the holidays. The summer of the previous year, more than 60 000 cars were immobilized on about 600 km of traffic jam. This is the way Bison Futé, group compound of about ten people, manages to inform and to advise the motorists to organize better the traffic. From July, the result will be stunning and Bison Futé will so win the respect of the French people.

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Top 10 the most tourist countries of the world

After Having presented to you Top 10 the most tourist cities of the world, now going to discover the most tourist countries of the world.

1 - France
France - Paris
Not of surprised for this number 1 the most tourist countries of the world, France. With its 38 sites registered on the UNESCO world heritage (in 2013), France welcomes every year about 83 million tourists. Famous for his gastronomy, its known monuments all over the world, as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame-de-Paris and well of other one, France thus takes the lead of this classification.

2 - The United States
Number 2 of our classification, the United States of America. Gathering about 64 million tourists, the United States possess 21 conservation areas in the UNESCO world heritage. Mainly appreciated the tourists natural reserves are many as Yellowstone, Monument Valley.

3 - Spain
Spain welcomes every year more than 58 million tourists. Mainly come discover his(her,its) key city, Barcelona and its numerous monuments. Spain has 44 conservation areas in the UNESCO world heritage and is a member(part) of 5 countries possessing most conservation areas.

4 - China
Just like Spain, China is a part of countries possessing most of sites in the UNESCO world heritage. China adds up 45. China possesses one of the monuments the most visited to the world: the wall of China, which is also a part of new world wonders.

5 - Italy
Italy is the country number 1 of the conservation areas in the UNESCO world heritage. This country possesses 49 conservation areas. In particular had his past during the Roman antiquity, Italy possesses a history rich in monuments and antique places.

6 - Turkey
With 11 conservation areas in the UNESCO world heritage, Turkey is classified 6éme of our classification of countries the most visited by the world and welcomes every year more than 36 million tourists. Strong of these sea resorts and its key city, Istanbul, Turkey is a fashionable destination.

7 - United Kingdom
United Kingdom

The United Kingdom takes the 7éme place of our classification of the most tourist countries of the world. With 29,2 million tourists, the United Kingdom remains very popular in the world with 28 conservation areas in the UNESCO world heritage.

8 - Germany

Just like France, Germany possesses 38 classified in the UNESCO world heritage. Germany is thus a country very tourist with more than 28 million tourists attracted, in particular, by its numerous cathedrals, as that of Cologne or Aachen. East Berlin also one of the most tourist cities of this country.

9 - Malaysia

Counting only 4 sites in the UNESCO world heritage, the Malay is classified 9éme the most tourist countries to the world with 24 million tourists a year.

10 - Mexico

10th of our classification, Mexico which, with 42 conservation areas in the UNESCO world heritage gathers about 23 million tourists. Steeped in history, in particular, thanks to the numerous sites built by the Mayas as the prehispanic city of Chichen-Itza appearing on the list of 7 new world wonders, Mexico is thus a part of the most tourist countries of the world.

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Impact of the Culture on the Tourism

 The Cultural Tourism is the future of the Tourism. Better image of a destination, a better representation of a country, its identity, but also its current events thanks to the artistic creation.


 The more and more narrow link between culture and tourism is strengthened by a number of factors.

On the demand side:

 1 - The interest growing for the culture, in particular at time(weather) when source of identity and differentiation in front of the globalization. 
 2 - The increase of the cultural capital, strengthened by the increase of the educational level. 
 3 - The ageing of the populations in the developed regions. 
 4 - The postmodern modes of consumption, emphasizing the self-fulfillment rather than the materialism. 
 5 - A desire to live forms of direct experiences (" to discover the real life " rather than content with visiting). 
 6-The increasing importance of the immaterial culture and the role of the image and the atmosphere 
 7 - The greater mobility allowing to have more easily access to other cultures.

On the supply side: 

 1 - The development of the cultural tourism to strengthen employment and returned. 
 2 - The cultural tourism was considered as a market of growth as well as as a shape of tourism " of quality ". 
 3 - More and more supplied cultural offer bound to the regional
 - Development The bigger and bigger availability of the information on the culture and the tourism by means of the news(short stories) technologies.
 5 - The emergence of new countries and regions having in heart to establish a different identity (see, for example, the influence of the new States independent from central and eastern Europe). 
 6 - The desire to throw the image of regions and country outside.
 - The problems of financing of the cultural activities bound(connected) to the increase of the cultural offer.



 The Canadian study states a strong correlation between the consumption of plastic arts and patrimonial sites. More than 50 % of the American visitors art lovers also visited museums and 50 % of the festivals. This correlation is also strong between the tourists appreciating the plastic arts and those who are amateur of wine/gastronomy.
 The enthusiasts of plastic arts also have a propensity to be interested in the alive arts. In the United States, inquiries dedicated to the " amateur travelers of history/cultural " show that 30 % of the American tourists are influenced, when they choose a destination, by a demonstration or an artistic, cultural or patrimonial activity specifies. The volume of journeys with historic / cultural character increased of 13 % from 1996 till 2002, passing from 192.4 millions to 216.8 million persons / journeys, is a growth rate slightly faster than that of all the internal journeys. The important role of the art and the cultural heritage is also confirmed by a study on the market resulting from Canada, according to which about 100 million journeys made by American residents in 2003 were bound to the culture, what represents 50 % of the total.


The duet of the tourism and the culture is thus an extremely powerful economic engine. According to Europa Nostra ( 2005 ), " more than 50 % of the tourist activity in Europe is generated by the cultural heritage and the cultural tourism should be the component of the sector of the tourism to know the strongest growth ". We can find somewhere else other appreciations so positive. They lean generally on the estimations of the World Tourism Organization according to which the cultural tourism represents 40 % of the international tourism Consequently, the culture is more and more used as one of the aspects of the tourist product and the strategies to emphasize the image of the destinations. The tourism was integrated into the strategies of cultural development to value the cultural heritage and support the cultural production. 
 This synergy between tourism and culture is considered as one of the main reasons inciting to favor the strengthening of the direct links between these two components. These links are powerful all the more because of the increasing importance of the tourism and the culture for economies all over the world. THE OECD considers that the international tourism represented some 30 % of the world exports of services in 2006 (OECD 2008). Also, it is more and more admitted that the culture and the creativity are important economic vectors. According to a study of the OECD dedicated to the economic importance of the culture in several big economies, the value of the cultural sectors represented from 3 % to 6 % of the total economy.

Because of the general cultural, economic and social effects, the public politics to promote the links between culture and tourism or the development more targeted by the " cultural tourism " stood out as an obvious fact in the continental, national or regional level. 

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Cultural and patrimonial tourism

The heritage is the inheritance of the past of which we take advantage today and which we pass on in the generations to come. Our cultural and natural heritages are two irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. Places so extraordinary and diverse as the wild areas of the national park of Serengeti in East Africa, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef and the baroque cathedrals of Latin America establish(constitute) the heritage of our world.

According to the UNESCO, the cultural and patrimonial journey is one of the segments of the international tourism which knows the fastest growth. Who are his followers? What experiences do they favor? To distance itself within a world market always more competitive, the destinations build up to themselves unique identities to seduce this segment in search of dumping and of authenticity.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World Tourism Organization, the cultural and patrimonial journey represented 40 % of the whole international tourism in 2007 compared with 37 % in 1995.

As the travelers are engaged in new activities of niche, this type of tourism does not stop diversifying. It includes the architectural tourism, the visit of the natural, referenced sites or not by the UNESCO, and the marine tourism for the exploration of the underwater inheritance. We also count the religious tourism and the gastronomic tourism, the agrotourism, the festivals and, doubtless the most traditional activity of all, the visit of museums and art galleries.

Among the motivations the most evoked by the followers of cultural journeys, we find:

  • The desire to live the local culture and to experiment the authenticity of places (it is not only a question any more of seeing icons main things of the heritage, but of diving into the culture.);
  • The will to acquire knowledge and to understand better the populations and the history of places.

Generally, the cultural tourists know straightaway the activities about which they will devote before their arrival to destination. Museums, sites and historic monuments appear among the attractions the most desired by the referees. The events such as concerts and shows are relatively less stocked, probably because of the period of time limited by their holding and language barriers.

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