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Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored

Nicknamed by the Moroccan Ochre city, Marrakesh is the tourist capital of the country, one of the imperial cities and the most beautiful Moroccan destination.

With its charm, its beauty and its wonderful climate, the city managed to seduce a good many of visitors and of tourists of various corners of the world.

The city of Marrakesh, situated there due south by Morocco, welcomes every year of the tourists and the visitors coming to take advantage of a stay and holidays in one of its Hotels or in one of its Riads of charm nested in full Medina.

Marrakesh suggests to his visitors an optimal comfort during a stay of dreams and of unforgettable moments living in family, with the beloved one or between friends.

This effervescent destination is very known for the charm of its Jamaa El Fna's famous place. This place classified recently in the world heritage by Unesco, represent one of the most magic places to the world.
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored
Jamaa El Fna
With his irresistible animation and his inescapable atmosphere, Jamaa El Fna attracts every year an unlimited number of visitors in a magnificent frame not to be missed. Jamaa El Fna proposes to his visitors of the diverse animations: as snake charmers, acrobats, street artists and comedians. The place also offers the possibility of benefiting from an on-the-spot restoration, and of taking advantage of a shopping in one of its traditional souks proposing articles and products of Moroccan crafts, signed Marrakesh, in affordable and still negotiable prices.
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored
traditional souk
By visiting Marrakesh, it turns out to be necessary to visit certain important places to make a success his holidays and have an idea on the history of the city and its architecture as well as his culture. Being one of the imperial cities, the city has a selection of historic, free of charge accessible monuments, worth knowing, Menara, Koba Morabitia, the El Badii palace, the Mosque Koutoubia and Graves Saadiens. These places, make of Marrakesh a city of heritage and cultural wealth.
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored
El Badii palace
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored
Graves Saadiens
It is also necessary to take advantage of an excursion in a group towards the Valley of Ourika, representative one of the most beautiful landscapes nested at a short distance of the city of Marrakesh, and allowing to enjoy special day in border of a unique and very quiet valley.
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored

The Mountain of Oukaimden is the second place to be visited to benefit from special day by practising sliding sports such as the ski and the skating or simply to make a small tour in cable railway to admire the beauty of this place.
Marrakesh, a Moroccan tourist destination to be explored
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Travel to Morocco: the inescapable places

To travel in Morocco turns out to be an unforgettable experience for the travelers appreciating the nature, the beauty of the landscapes, and a welcoming and warm country. We selected you inescapable cities and sites to be visited :

Travel to Morocco: the inescapable places
Morocco flag
Marrakesh: the symbolism place Djemaa el-Fna which abounds in continuous plays for 1000 years. A legendary animation, where acrobats, storytellers, dancers, quacks, acrobats, musicians liven up every day mixed with the local population, and tourist. A place classified in the world oral heritage by Unesco.

Taroudant: a walk around the ramparts of red earth. Nicknamed small Marrakesh, this city of the South Morocco surrounded with ramparts possesses a medina in the North African atmosphere where it well makes stroll.

Tafraoute: a good base to go for a hike in the valley of Ammeln. The bike and the walking are the best ways to discover a magnificent campaign in Moroccan Anti Atlas.

Sidi Ifni: by the sea in the Moroccan South, hide from treasures Art deco. At the heart of the former Spanish Sahara, Sidi Ifni will charm you for the uncountable possibilities of possible circuits to see the campaign or the desert, practice the surfing or the peach tree.

Asilah: walls colored with a seaside town in the Moroccan North. Atypical, you can visit his medina and its ramparts there.

Chaouen: a blue medina in the chain of Rif matters among the most attractive cities of Morocco, and reigns a particular atmosphere there. A Moroccan-Andalusian influence with its medina in the red tiles, his lively blue buildings.

Volubilis: mosaics romaine lettuces, triumphal arch and presses with olives, Roman vestiges not to be missed near Meknes, classified in the world historical heritage by Unesco.

Fes: the authentic medina, the flaner in its alleys where tradition and modernity become entangled. Every city in its craft speciality, for Fes it is the leather, to visit the tanneries of an imperial city.

Moulay Idriss: a site of pilgrimage perched on hills not far from Volubilis and Meknes

Figuig: one of the most beautiful city oasis of Morocco, in the ksour of ochre color.

Erg Chebbi: in back of dromedary through the Saharan dunes of pink sand of Merzouga. A night in the desert, with a rise or a choucher of sun allow to contemplate this magnificent desert in colors changeable according to the hour.

High Atlas: majestic Tops and Berber villages in the region of Marrakesh. The highest mountain range of North Africa.

Valley of Drâa: crossing of a wild valley between kasbahs and oasis, in the ochre, red, green, blue colors, the palm groves, the ksours, one of the most beautiful roads Moroccan, where we really feel in Africa.

Erg Chigaga: a stroll in the dunes of Sahara by moonlight via the desert of Me hamid, Chigaga is fabulous vast one of sand dunes gilt stretching on 40 km and being able to reach 300 meters.

Anti Atlas: a trek in a lunar landscape of granitic rocks. Last one mountain ranges before Sahara, pink and ochre massif of Anti Atlas offers a quantity of routes of trekking.

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