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Paris and its inescapable

Paris was not built in a day. If you have not much time to discover the French capital, so much get to the point straight ahead.

Its museums

Paris is a city of a big cultural wealth. it shelters the most famous museums of France. The former residence of kings, the Louvre is one of the biggest museums of the world today and possess works such as Milo's Venus or Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Not far from there is situated the museum Orsay, a magnificent monument which contains masterpieces of the impressionism. At the heart of the Latin Quarter, the museum of the Middle Ages is a small jewel for the amateurs of the medieval era: paint, stained-glass windows, illumination, tapestry or still movable are exposed within the museum. Finally, return in the present with the Georges Pompidou Center, the museum of the modern and contemporary arts. It welcomed numerous exhibitions of artists renamed as Roy Lichtenstein.
Paris and its inescapable
louvre museum
Paris and its inescapable
museum of the Middle Ages
Its monuments

We begin with a great classic: the Eiffel Tower. 324 meters in height and hundreds of million visitors since its creation, the monument is recognized as one of the biggest French symbols. The Garnier Opera is an extremely beautiful building which presents several styles of architecture, in particular the baroque. Near of the religious buildings, we have Notre-Dame of Paris and the Saint-chapel, two Gothic masterpieces. As for the Pantheon, it is about the famous monument where are interred the great men of the French History.
Paris and its inescapable
Eiffel Tower
Notre-Dame, Paris
Its districts

Among districts filled with charm, we can quote the island of the City and the island Saint-Louis, both placed on the edges of the Seine towards Notre-Dame of Paris. To see closer of the artists, we favor Montmartre, to plunge into the intellectual excitement of the capital, we go to the Latin Quarter, and to make a historic route between mansions, we opt for the Swamp. Other place of interest, Montparnasse, from now on business district, always cultivates a certain nostalgia to its hectic artistic period.
Paris and its inescapable
Island Saint Louis
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