Visit New York, the city which never sleeps

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The city which never sleeps a nickname deserved well for New York, one most big cities of the world, which welcomes every year of the millions of tourists come take a New York slice of life.
New York, the city which never sleeps
New York city
During your travel in New York, you will be probably lost in the middle of thousand one things to be seen. Every street, every district has a different soul, a different population, and it is this diversity which makes the charm of the city. Manhattan, the main island of New York, consists of about ten districts, among which Downtown Manhattan the district of Wall Street, Soho the trendy district, Upper East Side the bourgeois district, Harlem the black district, etc.

The classics …

When you think in New York, you think certainly of the symbols of the city, without which a stay in Manhattan could not be complete. Among these symbols, there is well on the famous Empire State Building, the immense magnificent high rise at the top of which you can rise and take advantage of a fantastic view over New York, the Statue of Liberty which you will reach by taking a ferry in the South of Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge which it is absolutely necessary to cross, but also Time Square and Broadway (the district of theaters) where it is necessary for everything begun to go to see a musical.

A little of culture …

All these magic places will fill you with unforgettable memories of New York. But the city also possesses one of the cultural luggage the most enriched to the world! She possesses some of the biggest museums of the planet, among which the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) and the Metropolitan Museum (Met), two immense museums of art of different styles, Museum of Natural History where you can see the famous skeletons of dinosaurs …

A budget …

Although New York is a very expensive city, it is today possible to visit it with a reasonable budget. Certain good plans allow to reach the attractions of the city at a lower cost (for example New York CityPass). As regards the accommodation, the hotels of Manhattan are very expensive, and it is often necessary to content itself with accommodating outside the island (for example in Brooklyn or in Queens), or still of youth hostels for unbeatable prices.


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