Top 10 the most visited monuments in the world

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Dear travelers, you who like traveling the world, discovering new places, new cities, I am going to present you here the top 10 the most visited monuments to the world. Almost major destinations of the big travelers, here is monuments, built by the man, where you went or those where you will go very certainly in your life.

1 - Time Square, New York

With about 35 million visitors, Time Square is the monument the most visited by the world. The place which never sleeps thus picks up the palm of monuments the most visited to the world.
Time Square, New York
2 - Memorial Parks, Washington

After New York, it is Washington which picks up the second place. And yes, still the United States. Memorial Parks is an immense park in the city center, in front of the white house. It places gathers 25 million tourists every year.
Memorial Parks, Washington
3 - Trafalgar Square, London

It is the most famous place of Westminster in London which completes the podium. With 15 million tourists a year, Trafalgar Square is the 3rd most visited monument to the world.

Trafalgar Square, Londres

4 - Notre-Dame, Paris

In spite of its title of country the most visited to the world, France arrives only 4th in the most visited monuments to the world. Notre-Dame de Paris gathersabout 12 million visitors a year.

Notre-Dame, Paris

5 - Wall of China, China

It is obvious that the country the most populated to the world places its monument idol in the top 10 the most visited monuments. The wall of china gathers 10 million curious onlookers a year.
Wall of China, China
6 - Sacré cœur, Paris

The second French monument of this top 10. The Sacred Heart, with his 8 million visitors every year.
Sacré cœur, Paris
7 - Louvre Museum, Paris

And three! The third French monument of this top 10. Again, in Paris. Logic when we know that France and the most tourist country to the world. With 7,5 million visitors, the Museum of Louvre is classified seventh of this classification.
Louvre Museum, Paris
8 - Forbidden City, Beijing

The second Chinese monument of the classification. The Forbidden City of Beijing gathers, every year, 7 million tourists.
The Forbidden City, Beijing
9 - Eiffel Tower, Paris

Ninth of this classification, the Eiffel Tower. The Parisian famous tower builds in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel count 6,9 million tourists every year. The tower peaks which peaks in 324 m was the highest tower of the world for 41 years!
Eiffel Tower
10 - Pompidou Center, Paris

Pompidou center or national Center of art and culture Georges-Pompidou, closes our classification of the most visited monuments to the world. Opened since 1977 the center adds up 5,1 million entrances a year.
Pompidou Center

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