Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014

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New year and new travels. As every year, the famous lonely planet travel guide establishes a list of 10 fashionable countries. I thus decided to present you this top 10 of the fashionable countries in 2014.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
1. Brazil
Number 1 of this classification, Brazil. The world cup in 2014 and the olympics in 2016 to push the country in a new area. Its new installations, its hotel complexes, its paradisiac beaches but also his Amazonian forest attract more and more tourists. You will thus be many to plan a stay in Brazil in 2014.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
2. Antarctica
The second fashionable destination in 2014, a little more surprising, Antarctica. Indeed Antarctica will be one of the destinations lighthouse of 2014. This region of the world attracts travelers in search of disorientation and of nature. More and more cruises suggest you traveling this region of the globe.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
3. Scotland 
The Scotland is a country about which we speak enough little. Knew for famous sound lock ness, his Whisky or its castles, the Scotland is not a tourist country. However it attracts all the same more and more tourist and 20 éme edition of Games of the Commonwealth could well make continue this craze for this country.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
4. Sweden
With about 5 million tourists every year, Sweden is also a fashionable country these last years in particular thanks to a movie, or rather three, the trilogy "Millennium". Indeed tour operators record an outbreak of the demands towards this country. Let us not forget that this year, Umea, will be the capital European of the culture.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
5. Malawi
Malawi offers itself the surprising fifth place. This country of Africa, situated between Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania sees her tourism in clear increase thanks to the vast program of reinstatement of wild animals in the country. Indeed this program in allowed the country to see coming back from animals which had disappeared there. Shall have understood it to you, it is thus the craze for the safaris that boost the tourism of this country. However this tourism is checked, just like the number of 4×4 to follow the paths of safari.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
6. Mexico
Mexico will be, once again, a country fashionable as for several years. This country is, indeed, 10th the most tourist country of the world, with about 23 million tourists. Although the bad ad this country of which was a victim, in particular due to drug cartels, this country abounds in magnificent places to visit as its temples Mayas or Aztecs or still its dream beaches.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
7. Seychelles
Seychelles, everybody dreams about it, his lagoons, his turquoise blue water and its white sand beaches makes move the tourists of the whole world. Seychelles are not any more these islands reserved for the rich tourists living in big villas. A little more cheap hotels settled down and return from now on these islands accessible to tourists' largest number.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
8. Belgium
Surprising 8th place which propose us lonely planet. Not really, Belgium is a country with a lot of charm. Some of his cities have an international reputation, as Bruges, Brussels, Mons, Antwerp or still Ghent and Turned. Belgium is an already tourist country but contrary to most part of countries the tourism in Belgium is made on a day, or a weekend, rarely more. Besides its Flemish cities, Belgium is also considered as its atypical gastronomy and, of course, its known beers all over the world.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
9.  Macedonia
9th place, we find the Macedonia. This country is badly known of many people, nevertheless its capital, Skopje, has just been completely renovated. His numerous statues and places offer an incomparable charm to the city. Besides Skopje, you can discover it the antique city of Stobi, the lake of Ohrid or still the domain of ski of Mavrovo.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014
10. Malaysia
Malaysia is one of the countries having most the wind in stern in the world tourism. About 28 million tourists for this country which is classified in the 9th place the most tourist countries of the world. His 200 events, in all the domains, offer a non-unimportant dynamics to the country. Besides its dream beaches, his capital Kuala Lumpur also attracts numerous tourists.
Top 10 fashionable destinations in 2014

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