10 good reasons for traveling to Mexico

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You hesitate to go on a trip in Mexico? Here are 10 good reasons for going to Mexico.
10 good reasons for travling to Mexico
Mexico flag
Diversity of the landscapes

Mexico possesses an impressive variety of landscape. Between mountains covered with tropical vegetation in Chiapas, canyons, sometimes dried up, sometimes green, with the Barranca del Cobre and the highlands of the central tray where are situated Guadalajara and Mexico City, he has enough to make there.
10 good reasons for travling to Mexico
Concerning beach, you are also served, whether it is the beaches of Yucatán, Lower California, region of Oaxaca or Jalisco. Mexico abounds in paradisiac beaches from north to south!
10 good reasons for travling to Mexico
beaches of Yucatán
The gastronomy

Other point, and not the slightest: the gastronomy!
Much more varied and fine than we could not believe it, Mexico abounds in combining dishes swung, meats of all kinds, cheese and delicious sauces. He has enough to feast there, between tacos, quesadillas, tortas, chile relleno, agua frescas, mole of all kinds, … Without forgetting the téquila! But say rather " el tequila " if you want to make Mexican.

The history and the archeological places

The past of Mexico is present everywhere. He feels the effects in the colonial architecture of certain buildings, as the churches, the visit of which is almost grateful about is the city crossed so much they are worth seeing. More the immense archeological sites (Chichen Itza, Palenque, Teotihuacan), life-size witnesses of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations, do not ask for big efforts of imagination to plunge into rich Mexican past.

The climate

Desert, tropical or moderate, made your choice, we find all these climates in Mexico. On the central tray, in Guadalajara, for example, the climate is moderated and it is blue sky and 25-30 degrees practically all year long.

The rhythm of life

It is certainly one of main advantages of Mexico: his tranquillity and its joy of living. No, it is not a picture, the Mexicans really like partying in the evening and to take it easy the day. In every case, they take advantage of the present moment.

Welcoming and tolerant people

This welcome, almost always warm on behalf of Mexicans returns Mexico a destination easy to make. Polished and more than welcoming, the Mexicans are also extremely tolerant. We could believe the preservative country because keen on Catholicism but it is nothing. Certain racism is sometimes present on the other hand to the native community, often seen as synonym for poverty and for educational lack.

The cost of living

The life in Mexico is two three times less expensive than in France when we have a French salary. Thus, set apart the plane ticket, Mexico is relatively cheap. It's a different story for the great majority of the Mexicans, for whom the life costs relatively much more expensive than that in France.


The Mexican culture is rich in values and loaded in history. Mayas, Aztecs and colonists in any kinds gave to the country a singular culture. Concerning religion, the colonization gave rise to syncretism, mixtures of catholic religion and native culture. Besides, if the Spanish language dominates, we find all the same a big variety of native languages. Without counting Spanglish, very developed in Spanish spoken to Mexico.

Easy and not too expensive transport 

Transport in Mexico are organized well. On the scale of the country, the companies of buses more than comfortable and in the affordable price lists cross the country. Attention on the routes of more than 20 hours on the other hand! In cities, we find taxis cheap as well as subways and drank in the big urban areas.

In brief, there is for all the tastes. Of what to satisfy small and big, tourist idleness, party animals or sportsmen. Then, viva México and hasta luego!


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