Go round the world by bicycle

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Desire to avoid the everyday life? Desire for adventures and for fascinating stories to be told your grandchildren when you will be older? Then, decide to leave on the roads of the world with for only means of transport a two-wheeler, non-polluting and perfectly environment-friendly. Do not hesitate to buy a bike resisting as the BMX, the MOUNTAIN BIKE or the HYBRID BIKE and equip yourselves with the minimum to survive: backpack, tent, sleeping bag, changes, water, energy bars, helmet and cycling shorts of adapted bike. And especially, do not leave only! In couple or in a group, it will allow you to hold the shock during difficult times. Indeed, this stay must be prepared in the slightest detail to avoid any unpleasant surprises. But know that the impromptu meetings, the spontaneity and the fate will come to put themselves very certainly on your road and will make of this travel unique, sometimes unusual very interesting memories and of the other times for your personal culture and your open-mindedness. Besides, it is not about a competition of speed, you can drive with your rhythm.
Go round the world by bicycle
Traveling by bicycle 

A travel of the senses

As an initiatory travel, you will learn to manage with few and to take a total trust in you. To make a world tour by bicycle can take whole years. It is meditative, it is even about a real work on one. Cross landscape desert of Africa, made a road-trip in America of Alaska in Tierra del Fuego, discover the ice-cold beauty of Scandinavia, explore the Eastern European countries and make a raid through Asia. You will see the most beautiful parts of the country offered by sea nature and will discover cultures and traditions contrary to what you know.
Go round the world by bicycle
Go round the world by bicycle


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