Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination

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You dream about a confusing travel, about big spaces and about new colours?

Do not look any more: Argentina waits for you. Big as 4 times France, Argentina is a vast country which contains many natural magnificences. She contains several major summits of the Andes, of which Aconcagua which peaks in 6959 m. The geography of the country gives her a variety of landscapes particularly rich and regions of a rare beauty. The geology is also a considerable aspect in Argentina, with several sites in the surprising rocky formings: canyons, gorges and deserts. Leave to the discovery of these surprising places, take with you an immortal recollection.
Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination
Argentina flag
Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination
Once arrived at Buenos Aires, you will feel immediately comfortable in the dynamic and creative atmosphere which reigns in the Argentine capital. Walls are painted by all the conceivable colors and the numerous museums contain a wealth of oeuvres of art impressive. Cultural capital, Buenos Aires is the lung of the country regarding tango but also regarding national sport, that it is about the soccer or about the polo. One thing's for sure, it is the city which never sleeps and which does not miss to conquer the traveler curious about his passionate rhythm.
Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination
Buenos Aires
Very fast, the call of the big spaces is smelt in you. It is necessary to leave the porteña capital to go to the south of the country, with a first stopover to Mendoza. City of the Argentine wine and its numerous star vines, it is the central point towards which the wine trail leads. The amateurs will taste with pleasure a famous Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet-Sauvignon or Torrontés in the sun of Cuyo, in the feet from the Andes. Magnificent bodegas welcome you for this moment of relaxation, between pleasure of the wine and serenity of the idyllic decoration of the neighborhood of Mendoza.
Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination
Mendoza city
You take back your road to come down towards Bariloche, his snowy mountains and his region of lakes. Rest you in a chalet before going off to explore this part of the country, very different that the one that you have just left. Very close to the magnificent Road of Seven Lakes between San Martín of los the Andes and Villa Angostura, you will have access to unforgettable hikes in the middle of magnificent landscapes. Visit the natural reserve Nahuel Huapi for a dumping in the middle of nowhere more beautiful still, and discover in the fauna, the flora and especially the staggering peace. Breathe, you belong to Bariloche, at the heart of the serene nature of Argentina.
Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination
Bariloche city
On the East coast of the same region of the Patagonia of the North, you will find the Peninsula of Valdés. Incredible place of life and reproduction of numerous fascinating marine sorts, to visit the peninsula of Valdés is a unique experience. You will see indeed southern white whales, sea lions, auks and even killer whales there. The natural reserve of the region is a precious wealth and offer the opportunity to approach these animals without disturbing them in their natural housing environment.
Argentina: an exotic and spectacular destination
Peninsula of Valdés
Argentina contains of the North in the South a crowd of mythical places and magnificent landscapes to be seen. It is about a travel for the passionate persons of big spaces and about feelings, for the nature lovers. Do not miss the occasion to realize this dream!


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